First distillate of Hyblean Honey

Spiritu re’ hyblonFascitrari (Apiarists’ spirit)

This unique product is made in a traditional way from the distillation of residual substances of the honey pressing with natural beeswax.

The exclusive process, which has been handed down for generations, lies in the mastery of composing the gileppo. This is made through a secret recipe combining a variety of ingredients intended to release all the honey scents and enhance the harmony, softness and excitement of the aftertaste.

Product Features

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Raw material
Selection of honeys from the Hyblean Mountains

In stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature

Old-style, discontinuous, low-heat distillation in wood-fired furnace, to enhance the aromas and scents of the selected honeys

Elegant colour with shades of lime green

Aromatic profile
Intense persistence and fineness, with composite aromas of honey and citrus notes

Soft, velvety, floral taste

Serve at room temperature in a tulip-shaped glass, letting it rest a few minutes in the glass to enhance its perfumes and taste. Sip after a meal or in moments of social chatter and conversation. Ideal for personalized cocktails.

Alcohol content
38.4% vol.

Twelve months + 2 in stainless steel vats.

Handmade, in a choice of numbered white glass bottles

Single cased 0.5 litre bottles
Pack of 6 bottles

Very limited, dependent on the quality of the selected honeys

HYBLON stems from an exclusive recipe of Xuto, a limited farming company of Sortino (SR), Italy.
Produced and bottled by Distilleria Giovi di Valdina (ME), Italy.


    • Azienda Agricola Xuto S.r.l., Via P.E. Scamporlino, 4
      96010 SORTINO (SR) – P.IVA 01786070894

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